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About Shon

I fully believe in the YOLO motto-Live life to it's fullest: "You Only Live Once"!  My name is Shon. I was born in Charleston, SC but, have lived most of my life across the Southeast in Atlanta, GA and several parts of North Florida.  Most recently, my family and I transitioned to the Austin, TX area.  My wife and I have been joyfully married since April 2017.  Together with our teenage son and our newest addition as of April 2022, we all share the same passion...loving, laughing, living!


The Small Details

Duly ordained, my mission is to bring couples together.  There is nothing more warming to hearts than the love between two people and the union they share.  After the legalization of same sax marriages in the summer of 2015, I made it my mission to not only join those in heterosexual unions but, honor the marriages of same-sex couples.

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